Technical Skills

  • Ability to code in any Programming Language
  • Full Stack Application Developer
  • Moodle LMS Administration
  • Linux System Administration
  • Open Source Enthusiastic

Training Programme for Faculty and Students

  • Programming for Data Science
  • Python Software Development
  • Python-Django Web Development
  • Web Development using React/MongoDB
  • Web Development using Spring Framework
  • Mendeley & BibTex Reference Management
  • Research Tools & Techniques
  • Latex Training Programme
  • Latex for all Research Scholars
  • Mobile Application Development using Flutter
  • Big Data Analytics & Management
  • Training on Database Tools (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, & Cassandra)
  • Training on Semantic Web / Web 3.0
  • Training on Moodle for Administrator and Teachers
  • Training on Moodle Virtual Programming LAB
  • Training on Moodle Code Runner

Front-End Development

  • Web Design using ReactJS
  • Mobile App Development using ReactNative
  • Bootstrap Web Design
  • JQuery - Javascript Library
  • Content Management Systems - Wordpress and Drupal

Back End Development

  • Scripting languages like PHP, Python, Perl, Node.js
  • Security concerns, authentication and authorization
  • Database administration - Postgres and MongoDB
  • High availability using Apache Cassandra


  • Java Web Application Development using Spring MVC Framework
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Mapping using Hibernate Framework
  • Web Development using Django Framework
  • Microservice/API Development using Flask Framework
  • Microservice/API Development using FastAPI

Web 3.0

  • Extensible Markup Language XML
  • Resource Description Framework RDF
  • Terse RDF Triple Language Turtle
  • Web Ontology Language OWL
  • SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language SPARQL
  • RDF Server Apache Jena Fuseki